Boorowa Goldies bring in the numbers for pre-season trial

The Goldies enjoyed a very good trial match against Southern Districts.
The Goldies enjoyed a very good trial match against Southern Districts.

So where was I… ah yeah, the Goldies…

Well they are at it again this year…. new squad, coaches, same captain and a few new fresh faces… you will all know this if you saw the article here two weeks ago written by President Fleming.

Personally, I didn’t go much on his article. Far too factual and serious for my liking.

I loved how he thanked every man and his dog for their work for the club last year but forgot to mention the one person that keeps the club together.

ME… Every Monday morning religiously, I set aside two hours to compose an article and not even a mention… lucky I am not sensitive and they better come to me with more than a bag of potatoes at the end of season presentation this year. I want two bags, can’t beat a few spuds!

Last Saturday saw the Goldies take on Southern Districts in a pre-season trial. Organised by the main man himself, Bradly Rose, who has previously play 453 games for Southern Districts.

Brad was on a mission to show his Sydney mates all about bush footy and socialising, he managed the latter extremely well.

In blistering heat (at one stage it was recorded 49.74 degrees Celsius) a huge crew turned up for a run around. Roughly about 25 players in total.

The game consisted of four twenty minute quarters, everyone got time on the paddock.

Southern district proved too strong for the Goldies, however it was a great hit out especially with so many players.

Its looking evident this early on that we are going to be spoilt for choice in the backline with some very handy new recruits and with the old heads like Brad and Simmo backing up again.

Southern districts looked a more polished outfit mainly because they have played together longer and their formations were better but with a few more training sessions and games under our belts I think the Goldies will have a very good season.

What was pleasing to see from being at a few training sessions, the hands are a lot better. This is an area that Coach Ben has been really concentrating on.

Brad Rose went over for the Goldies only try in the second quarter. With a nice shimmy, a little dance and the most over exaggerated swan dive, he touched down left of the post. Sadly Mully wasn’t there to see it.

Club President Justin Fleming said after the game “A bit of decent footy, good company, cold beer, impromptu karaoke, rum, and a big old cheese platter was a great way to kick off another year. The boys also managed to keep their clothes on”.

“Also congratulations to Andrew on his first game as coach, and a special welcome to all the boys who pulled on a gold jersey for the first time!

“If you ever regret your decision to play for the Goldies I will eat my hat! (and yours)”.

Overall it was a great fun game that was watched by a massive crowd. At half time, I counted 4,365 people on the sideline and that will only get bigger as the season rolls on.

A huge thank you to the committee and to Susan Fagan, Sarah McMahon and Maddy Birdsall for manning the canteen, cooking a sausage sizzle and keeping the beer cold on ice. Great effort.

This week’s notable mention goes to the Hilltops Council (yes that is right, the Hilltops Council) the new pitch/resurfacing look amazing, it’s a credit to everyone who has worked on it.

Dave Corcoran who was at the game said “in my 83 years coming up here watching and playing footy that’s the best I have seen that pitch look”.

A huge shout out and thank you to the Southern Districts players and coaches for making a huge effort to come down to God’s Country and play in pretty testing conditions. You were great fun and got into the spirit of the day and night. Thank you boys.

The Goldies have two more trial games before the season kicks off officially on April 7.

Keep an eye on the Goldies Facebook page for details on the upcoming trial games.