Best line up in years for Boorowa Flock Ewe Competition

The Boorowa Flock Ewe Competition was held last Friday, celebrating 30 years of the event certainly meant a lot to all involved and the past standard was lifted this year, the quality and presentation of the ewes was exceptional.

We had twelve teams entered which turned out to be a very big day, with high livestock prices and a high wool price indicator hitting $1800 cents per kilo has created more enthusiasm and interest in Merinos.

The high wool price has been up for just over thirteen months now so most wool producers have managed to sell their clip and receive a higher return than many years prior, in fact it could be some thirty years since. 

A crowd of seventy-five followed the days judging with a head count at the first stop of forty five it was set to be a big day of social interaction, learning and lots of questions for the judges.

It was great to see so many people out for the day, many regulars but also lots of new faces, it really is a great day to meet others, go up driveways that you may have never been up and see the quality Merinos on display for judging.

The livestock markets have been good for a number of years and now the wool price is a lot better we could certainly see a lot more infrastructure being built as we went around the day many new sets of sheep yards and fencing it was pleasure to see.

Our two judges Mr Tony Inder and Hamish Maclaren were more than gracious at presentation time with twelve teams and only five places to be announced the judges really tried their mathematical skills out, trying to fit seven into five but we all know it just doesn’t work.

The winners will be announced at the Boorowa Show on Saturday, March 3, where the top five place getters bring in ten maiden ewes each for display, it will be well worth inspecting as many believe it is the best line up in the whole thirty years.

At the show we will also present the Spring Waters Dual Purpose Award and the Joyce Mason Encouragement Award

The Norman C Bellamy People Choice Award went to Andrew Green “Kalinda”. 

I would like to thank our major sponsors ANZ Banking, Corkhills Ag Service, Diamond Shearing, Courthouse Hotel and Bromar Engineering Grenfell. 

The Boorowa Flock Ewe Competition is held in conjunction with the Boorowa Show Society.


  • Bill Hurley “Old Killanear”
  • Andrew Green “Kalinda”
  • WL Mason “Amerton”
  • Ben & Tohya Johnson “Somersby”
  • BR & NL Nixon “Clovelly”