Do you think Barnaby Joyce should resign as Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Nationals?

Should Barnaby Joyce remain as Nationals leader?
Should Barnaby Joyce remain as Nationals leader?

Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce is taking a week’s personal leave following the fallout from his affair with a former staffer. 

The party are still testing the waters to determine if there will be a leadership showdown at next Monday’s party room meeting with Veterans Affairs Minister Michael McCormack telling Fairfax Media it would all "depends on what happens between now and then".

Parkes MP Mark Coulton said on Friday Mr Joyce still had the support  of his Nationals colleagues and said that “as sad as the circumstances” were, Mr Joyce’s actions were not a sack-able offence.

Calare MP Andrew Gee has also thrown his support behind the leader saying the “matter has obviously been a topic of discussion” but said Mr Joyce still had his support and the support of the party room.

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