Priority should be safety: Word in the Streets

Frogmore's main street voted the worst by our readers in the Hilltops Local Government Area? Photo by John Snelling.

Frogmore's main street voted the worst by our readers in the Hilltops Local Government Area? Photo by John Snelling.

Inner West Council in Sydney is facing a Greens’ push to change the date of Australia Day, stating, “January 26 marks the beginning of the British invasion of the lands of First Nations People.”

Three Melbourne Green Councils are pursuing the same outcome.

It was hardly an invasion and what do these Green advocates really want? A divided nation without one specific day when we can stand tall and proud and as one voice call Australia home.

This is an issue for the Federal Government to not just slam this campaign, but to come down hard on these rebel councils, put them in their place and sack them.

Unity means One Nation, One Flag, One Australia Day.


Looking for an elegant country wedding venue an hour and a half from Canberra, look right in our backyard.

Eddie Corcoran has this spectacular wedding venue up and running right here at Corcoran’s Plains only a few kilometres out on the Cunningar Road.

Impressive double page spread in the latest issue of ‘Your Local Wedding Guide (Canberra)’ is sure to titillate those planning a wedding.


Poor Paddy went to Dan Murphy’s Liquor Store on his bicycle last Friday afternoon. He bought a bottle of Scotch and put it in the basket on his bicycle.

As he was about to leave, he thought to himself that if he fell off his bicycle, the bottle of Scotch would break, so he drank the entire bottle of Scotch before he cycled home.

It turned out to be a very good decision – he fell off his bicycle seven times on his way home.


Last November I asked readers to nominate the worst roads in our Shire. Most criticized were the main street of Frogmore and Rye Park Road.

Others mentioned were Rugby main street, Gentle Destiny Road, Grassy Creek and Maryvale Roads and Brial Road.

With Frogmore Road being the main Southern route to Wyangala Dam, it should be A1 travelling from Yass to the dam. Rye Park is also heavily used, especially by trucks.

No-one should be travelling on poor quality roads, so maybe it is time for Council to assess our Hilltops roads North to South, East to West.

Some of our worst are listed. I assure you there are many more roads needing appraisal. Revelation of the Shire’s worst could prove quite alarming.

There is the challenge to Hilltops Council. Find the worst roads, categorise them, do the sums, find the funding and fix them. We all pay rates, we all have expectations, we all don’t want to endure sub-standard, unsafe road travel.


In relation to point-to-point speed cameras used to detect excessive speed over long distances, Harold Scruby (Chairman Pedestrian Council) is critical of the use of this technology to only determine excessive speed involving trucks.

In a six month period, 117 heavy vehicle drivers were issued with infringement notices. In the same period 94000 other motorists were detected driving at excessive speed without any receiving notice.

Harold asks, and justifiably so, why is this technology not being used to slow all motorists? Could the answer lie in Harold Scruby’s statement:

“Politicians love making laws, but when it comes to enforcing them, particularly when they relate to road safety, they’ll do anything possible to do nought. They think they’ll lose votes.”

Well said Harold, but do your words fall on deaf ears?