Preserving Boorowa’s water delivery system

In order to maintain the system delivering Boorowa residents with the water needed for their homes and gardens, Hilltops Council will this week began cleaning the network of pipes carrying the town’s water supply.

“Cleaning the mains is an important part of maintaining the system; ensuring it continues to deliver clean, fresh water to residents when they turn on the taps in their home and gardens,” General Manager Anthony McMahon said.

“By making sure the system is well looked after, this also helps avoid any potential problems down the track,” he said.

Mr McMahon explained that the cleaning will be carried out from Thursday, 8 February to Friday, 16 February.

“Works will be clearly sign-posted in streets where cleaning is taking place. The works will start each morning at approximately 9:00am and should end no later than 5:00pm each day. Residents should ensure all water-using appliances – including evaporative coolers – are turned off during the cleaning process,” Mr McMahon said.

Mr McMahon said the work involves cleaning the mains using an air scouring process.

This process may cause some temporary discolouring, loss of pressure or an interruption in supply.

To help prevent air entering the household water system, it’s advised that taps not be open while cleaning is underway in your area.

Once the work is complete, residents should check their water supply and flush their own household pipes by running a garden tap until the water returns to normal.

There may be some air trapped in the house water pipes which may cause some spluttering.

In this event, residents should run their tap until all the trapped air leaves the pipe; this should only take minutes.

For any enquiries, please contact Hilltops Council’s Boorowa office on 6380 2000.