Shopping around the key to finding cheapest long weekend fuel

Shop around: Fuel prices varied by as much as 15 cents across the Central West on the first day of the long weekend.
Shop around: Fuel prices varied by as much as 15 cents across the Central West on the first day of the long weekend.

Motorists are being advised to shop around before they fill up this long weekend to ensure they buy fuel at the cheapest prices.

Websites like the NSW government’s FuelCheck and phone apps like my nrma provide motorists with real-time data on fuel prices across the state and the NRMA advises people to use that to find the cheapest fuel on their trip.

The average price for NSW on Friday was 131.7 for E10 fuel, 135.4 for unleaded and 137.5 for diesel and there were plenty of towns above and below that across the Central West.

The region’s prices on Friday varied by more than more than 15 cents per litre for E10, and 13 cents for for unleaded and diesel.

Grenfell had the cheapest E10 and unleaded fuel available, with the Metro service station selling E10 for 124.9 cents per litre and unleaded for 128.9.

Cowra also had cheap offerings with E10 available for 125.5 at United and Mobil, while unleaded was 127.9 at an independent station.

Lithgow, Boorowa, Oberon and Young also has stations selling petrol for under 130 cents.

Mudgee, Blayney, Wellington, Parkes and Canowindra were among the most expensive towns for either E10 or unleaded.

Cowra had the lowest diesel price in the region with United offering it for 128.9 cents, followed by the Westside outlet at Oberon wit 131.6 cents.

NRMA Regional Corporate Affairs Advisor Helen Machalias said shopping around could make a significant improvement to the fuel bill for a trip away.

“Price variation reflects the demand within the local market, as well as competition between fuel retailers, for example how many independents are operating,” Ms Machalias said.

“People can overcome this by using the data that is available to them to fill up at the best value retailers.

“To save on their transport budget, motorists should use the NRMA app to shop around for the best value fuel.

“By using the my nrma app, motorists can find the best deals on petrol, whether they’re shopping around in their local area or looking for somewhere to fill up on a driving holiday.”

Cheapest E10 petrol at Central West towns on Friday: Grenfell – 124.9 cents per litre at Metro; Cowra – 125.7 at Mobil and United; Boorowa – 126.9 at Metro; Lithgow 127.5 at multiple; Oberon 127.6 at Westside; Young 129.9 at Metro; Orange – 132.7@ United; Dubbo – 133.3 at United; Bathurst – 135.7 @ Metro; Mudgee 135.9 @ Shell; Nyngan – 136.7 at BP; Forbes 136.9 at Caltex; Blayney 137.9 at Westside; Parkes – 137.9 at Caltex and BP; Wellington – 139.9 at Caltex.

Cheapest unleaded petrol at Central West towns on Friday: Grenfell – 126.9 at Metro; Cowra – 127.9 at independent; Lithgow – 129.5 at 7 Eleven and independent; Boorowa – 129.9 @ Metro; Young – 131.9 at Metro; Oberon – 132.6 at Westside; Orange – 134.9 at United; Forbes – 134.9 at Metro; Dubbo – 135.3 at United; Wellington – 135.9 at Metro; Narromine – 137.7 at independent; Bathurst 137.9 at Metro; Parkes 138.9 at Shell; Mudgee – 138.9 at Shell; Blayney – 138.9 at Westside; Nyngan – 139.7 at BP; Canowindra – 139.9 at BP and independent.

Cheapest diesel at Central West towns on Friday: Cowra – 128.9 at United; Oberon – 131.6 at Westside; Grenfell – 131.9 at Metro and independent; Orange – 133.9 at Metro; Forbes – 133.9 at Metro; Young – 133.9 at Metro; Boorowa – 133.9 at Metro; Parkes – 135.9 at Mobil; Wellington – 135.9 at Metro; Dubbo – 136.9 at United; Bathurst – 137.9 at United; Lithgow – 138.7 at Midtown; Nyngan – 138.7 at BP; Narromine – 138.7 at independent; Blayney – 138.9 at Westside; Mudgee – 141.9 at Shell; Canowindra – 143.9 at BP.

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