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Common sense needed for deliveries 

I realise my experience this week will, unfortunately, be familiar to many local people.

On November 26, 2017, I wrote to the Manager of the Recreation Club seeking permission to conduct the Balladeers there on Australia Day.

Happily, I saw Sharon down the street soon after and she assured me everything would be OK, which was good, because on Monday of this week I received the letter back from the Post Office, indicating ‘insufficient address.’

Now, I had addressed the letter to the manager of the club at ‘45 Market Street,’ which was obviously one digit out, (the correct address is 36-44 Market Street) but, unless the postman was completely illiterate, how hard would it have been for him to deliver the letter to its correct address?

He probably passes the Recreation Club every day. You know, it is that big building near the bowling green with the liquor logos, and a large sign which indicates exactly what it represents.

I know I am not alone. I know there is plenty of other mail that has gone undelivered, obviously because the person in charge of the process wasn’t capable of using a bit of common-sense.

In this case there was no great damage done, but there could be other occasions when failure to deliver mail could have serious repercussions. I hardly think it could be called a ‘postal service.’

Any ‘service’ that might occur is more accidental than intended. From now on, like many Boorowa people, I will be accessing ‘over the counter’ services out of town, and  if letters are destined for a local address, deliver them by hand.

It is a pretty poor situation when you can’t depend on an essential service like the Post Office to perform its most basic of duties.

Derrick Mason OAM

84 Brial Street Boorowa. 2586 (It’s the big brick house opposite the Caravan Park)

Please keep right

It would be appreciated if pedestrians and others who walk on the Boorowa streets, ones without footpaths, for pleasure, fitness and exercising would walk on the roads so as to face oncoming traffic.

This applies particularly when the walkers are walking in groups or with dogs.

David Boardman

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