Aquatic planting for Boorowa Community Landcare Group

Boorowa Community Landcare Group is currently managing a grant funded by NSW Environmental Trust, creating land and water connections for Superb Parrots and Pygmy Perch.  

On Sunday, December 17, David and Elaine Sainbury hosted an aquatic planting event at ‘Rosewood’ Rye Park.

Luke Pearce from NSW DPI Fisheries detailed the life cycle, habitat and food requirements of the Pygmy Perch and other small native fish which live in the Pudman Creek.

Luke advised that water plants are a key component in the establishment of a healthy waterway for both native fish and small water born crustaceans.   

Native water plants like land based natives have specific planting requirements based on water depth as some prefer deeper sections of a creek or dam, while others need to be planted in the shallow water around the edges.  

Other terrestrial plants can be planted in the moist soil surrounding a dam or waterway bank to prevent soil clouding the water.  

The plants used in this activity were sourced from a Canberra provider and were either planted with a specialist planting tool in the sticky clay; alternatively in softer areas volunteers used their hands to create a hole for the new water plant.  

When planting water plants in a dam or stream it is important to protect them from grazing stock as cattle have been known to walk into a dam and graze on water plants in addition to drinking.   

Borrowa Landcare was joined on the weekend by North Sydney Bushcare volunteers, who make regular trips to Boorowa in September each year, in the well-known Building Bridges to Boorowa programme.

They enjoyed the new activity of aquatic planting which will in the long term provide habitat for Pygmy Perch which lives in various sections of the Pudman Creek.  

The Boorowa Community Landcare Group is planning more activities in 2018, mand is having an art competition to be judged at the Boroowa Show in March.

Prizes will be provided to winning entries in Primary, Secondary, Open and a special computerised Logo section.

The theme of the competition is “Creating land and water connections for Superb Parrots and Pygmy Perch”.  

If you would like further details please email .

BCLG would like to invite landholders in the Rye Park Pudman Creek catchment, who are not yet participants in this grant to submit an expression of interest if they are interested in joining this project.

If you would like to create corridors for wildlife and woodland birds and reduce sediment in Pudman Creek, the closing date for expressions of interest has been extended till end January, 2018.

Please contact for more details.