Violent assault ends in surgery

A 22-year-old man from Boorowa was sentenced to a 12-month suspended sentence and 50 hours community service for an assault that ended with the victim needing surgery.

Trent Crawford of Pudman Street, Boorowa was sentenced in Young Local Court last Tuesday appearing before Magistrate Michael O’Brien.

Sentencing only occurred after Magistrate O’Brien spent two days in September listening to witnesses, police, and inspecting evidence that had been given.

According to the judgment read out by Magistrate O’Brien Crawford arrived at the Court House Hotel in Boorowa between 5 and 5.30pm on September 9, 2016 after he had finished work for the day. 

Later that evening he received a phone call from a friend who was at the Top Pub in Boorowa telling Crawford that he had been punched.

Crawford made his way to the Top Pub to meet up with his friend who was sporting a ‘massive black eye’ and was told who was responsible.

Crawford, who was upset about his friend’s injury, and two friends followed the victim and his friend as they made their way to a residence in Boorowa.

As Crawford approached the victim and his friend he called out to them before a fight broke out between between Crawford and the victim.

The victim was punched at least twice in the head ending with him falling to the ground before he made his way to the Boorowa Police Station which was not manned at the time. He then called his girlfriend who took him to Boorowa Hospital and then later drove him to Canberra Hospital to receive the medical care he required.

According to Magistrate O’Brien the victim was seriously injured and required surgery which was performed two weeks after the incident.

Police facts presented to the court stated the police spoke to the victim while he was at the Emergency Department of Boorowa Hospital. Officers took photographs of the victim’s injuries.

On September 13 officers made arrangements to meet and speak with the victim at Young Police Station where a statement was provided in relation to the incident.

On September 14 Crawford attended the Young Police Station. After 2pm he appeared and was placed under arrest. He was originally facing three charges but was reduced to the two of reckless grievous bodily harm and affray.