Closing Day for Boorowa Ladies’ Golf

On Wednesday, November 8, we held our last event for the year 2017. 

Good golf was played by all, as the saying goes, we left the best for last. 

We played for a Canadian Foursome, with the winners of the stroke being Marie Martin and Kate Crisp. 

The runners up were Del Grieg and Suzanne Manning 

The Handicap winners were Marg Blomfield and Kate Crisp. 

The runners up were Pat Croker and Frances Brewer. 

A lovely afternoon was celebrated for the last day and major prizes for 2017 were presented by President Marie Martin. 

A prestigious trophy, the Memorial Tray in honour of Pam Good, was donated by the Good Family for the putting event, which was won by Del Grieg. 

The Golf NSW Medal Division 2 went to Suzanne Manning and the Golf NSW Medal Division 3 went to Frances Brewer. 

The annual Gobble Trophy for 2017 went to Kate Crisp. 

The Birdie Trophy with 12 went to Kate Crisp and the Scratch Event with 64 also went to Kate Crisp. 

The Net Winner with 40 was Felicity Corcoran.