Boorowa RSL Sub-branch plan for centenary of Armistace Day

Boorowa RSL sub-Branch President Phil Armitage at the Boorowa War Memorial.
Boorowa RSL sub-Branch President Phil Armitage at the Boorowa War Memorial.

Next year, November 11, 2018, is the centenary of Armistace Day which marked the end of the First World War.  

Boorowa RSL sub-Branch President Phil Armitage said they are starting to consider what project the branch can plan to commemorate this special event.

“We will of course conduct the usual Remembrance Day Service with a minute’s silence at 11am, but we are looking at doing more and are seeking community input to our planning,” he said. 

The following (one or more) events could be part of the plans:

  • Repair of the War Memorial Clock and update the mechanism and software to permit chiming of an (electronic) bell
  • Improve the internal displays of memorabilia and computerise a catalogue of all items in the Memorial
  • Update the external “honour” boards to recognise service by personnel either born in or domiciled in Boorowa at their date of enlistment. This would include service in the following conflicts: the Boer War, the Second World War and post Second World War conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

For the last option we are seeking input from the community of names to ensure that all those entitled to be commemorated actually have their names recorded on a relevant Honour Board.

Here is more information about these conflicts as researched by Di Elliott: 

Boer War: Many more served in the Boer War than are currently recognised, besides Granville Cooper and they will be recognised.

Helen Lloyd mentions eleven men in her book, “Boorowa – Over 160 Years of White Settlement”, who served in the Boer War – Harold O’Brien, Ernie Prior, Walter Huon, Tom Donlan, William and Frank Wilding, J Boyd, J Wilson, J Quigly, Osmond Middleton and Granville Thomas Cooper.

Cooper, O’Brien, Prior, Huon, Frank Wilding, Quigley [spelling], and Middleton have been confirmed along with four additional names found during further research; Drumgold, Mason, Morgan and Wotton.

William Wilding went to Sydney to enlist but changed his mind. Perhaps Donlan changed his name too. A Donelan did but he was from Victoria.

Help from the community is needed to confirm who J Boyd and J Wilson actually are, and any others, who may have served in the Boer War.

While it is known people by those names came from the district, and there are possibles on the official rolls, if anyone has further information it would assist with ongoing research.

World War 1: All World War 1 servicemen and women that were served or killed are commemorated at the War memorial on the external honour board.  

World War 2: Only servicemen that were killed during World War 2 are recognised on their honour board – there is no recognition for those members that served and survived the war. There are approximately 900 servicemen and women who served during the War and were either born or enlisted from the Boorowa region.

BCOF: Post WW2, Archie Timms continued to serve and went to Japan with the British and Commonwealth Occupation Forces.

Korean War: Four Boorowa men served in the Korean War and they were Hilton Apps, John Crawford, William Miller and Archie Timms.  There is no recognition for these men at the Boorowa War Memorial.

Vietnam War: Boorowa was represented by Ian Berry, Hilary Boulding, Mervyn Cranston, Ian Crisp, David Dick, John Donnelly, Roger Halls, Norman Hatch, Terry Lawler, Geoff Murray and Rodney Perceval.  There is no recognition for these men at the Boorowa War Memorial.

Gulf Wars: There is no recognition at the War Memorial for those that served the Gulf Wars.

While it is Wilson and Boyd from the Boer War era that information is mainly sought, if anyone has any further names they think should be included, please let the Boorowa RSL Sub-Branch know so further research and confirmation can be carried out.

Lists below contain the names of those that we are aware of that served in the relevant conflicts.

Please let us know if you know of any more so that are plaques are representative of all known participants in the various conflicts.

Contact one of the following sub-Branch Members: 

  • Phil Armitage on 6385 1007 or 0416 292 767 or email
  • Arthur Hoswell on 6385 367
  • Sandie Armitage on 6381 1007 or 0416 292 747

Names that served in relevant conflicts:

Boer War

  • Thomas Granville COOPER
  • Percy (Peter) Richard DRUMGOLD
  • Walter HUON
  • Archibald Reid MASON
  • Osman Frederick Hume MIDDLETON
  • Llewelyn MORGAN
  • Harold Ormonde O’BRIEN 
  • Ernest Arthur PRIOR
  • Frank Sydney WILDING
  • Thomas Edward WOTTON
  • Benjamin Joseph QUIGLEY


  • Archibald Frederick TIMMS

Korean War

  • Hilton Walter APPS
  • John Robert CRAWFORD
  • William Noel MILLER
  • Archibald Frederick TIMMS

Vietnam War

  • Ian Robert BERRY
  • Hilary Kelvin BOULDING
  • Mervyn Bede CRANSTON
  • Ian Stanley CRISP
  • David William Rose DICK
  • Roger Leslie HALLS
  • Norman Harold HATCH
  • Robert Terence LAWLER
  • Geoffrey MURRAY
  • Trevor Leslie NEAL
  • Rodney PERCEVAL

Iraq/Afghanistan War

  • Patrick DUNN