Word in the Streets: Hats off to Council staff

Long Street roadworks are go, go, go. Photo by John Snelling.

Long Street roadworks are go, go, go. Photo by John Snelling.

Congratulations to David Marsh, well deserved winner of an individual Landcare Award at the NSW Landcare Awards. David will now go on to represent NSW at the Nationals.

David has been involved in Boorowa Landcare from its inception, as passionate today as he was then.

David has hosted many Landcare workshops and field days on his Allendale property. A research station has been established on his property providing vital information for researchers on water tables and the effect of tree planting and the such.

I wholly endorse the judges who awarded David Marsh this prestigious award, undoubtedly ‘Mr Boorowa Landcare.’


In the column of October 26, I was critical of the ten councilors who couldn’t find the time to attend Boorowa’s Strategic Plan Workshop. Apparently the Mayor took umbrage at the criticism, as I hope did the ten missing councilors. Apparently none of the workshops have been attended by a full complement of councilors.

These workshops provide a way for residents to express their views and meet the people responsible for managing our affairs. How can they understand the needs of their constituents if they contemptuously choose to turn their backs on them.

If a councilor doesn’t show at a public meeting or hasn’t got the time to listen to your concerns, jot down their name marked as ‘not to vote for’ in the next election.


I might knock the councilors, but hats off to the council staff. Crew working on Long and Little Streets, the sections you’re working on were terrible. The end result will be fabulous – a job well done I have no doubt.


Somewhat alarmingly, two businesses have closed their doors in recent weeks. In our business district we now have seven empty shops. These businesses became unviable for two main reasons. Rents too high and electricity too costly.

Look at our original CBD on the Court Street/Brial Street precinct. One pub, one hardware store and, on my count, eight premises that once housed businesses. Historically, the business centre of Boorowa moved. I hope we are not seeing a plummet into oblivion with more shops closing. Not all doom and gloom though, with the old newsagency recently being sold.

Owners of business premises could help by charging reasonable rents. As the old saying goes, “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.”


At a war memorial service somewhere, an Aussie ex-pilot met up with an Asian gentleman who said he had been a kamikaze pilot in the War. The Asian gentleman said to the Aussie, ”War all over now, we be friends – my name Chow Mein.”

“But kamikaze flyers were suicide pilots,” said the Aussie. “If you had been one, you’d be dead now.”

The Asian fellow smiled wryly, saying, “Me Chicken Chow Mein”. 


Saturday brings us the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – Armistice Day.

Boorowa will hold its usual service at the War Memorial commencing at 10.45am in order that the minute’s silence can be observed at precisely 11am.

No matter where you are at 11am on Saturday, pause and reflect on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we live as we do today.

Too many conflicts, too many killed and maimed, too many families changed forever. The 11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month… LEST WE FORGET.