Word In the Streets: Have your say on Hilltops’ future

Bring your ideas to the Strategic Plan Community Workshops on November 13 and 21 to keep works like this happening.

Bring your ideas to the Strategic Plan Community Workshops on November 13 and 21 to keep works like this happening.

Congratulations to Rob and Jeanne Gledhill, married 50 years ago this Saturday, November 4.

It is well known Jeanne has had a battle with health issues of late and Rob has now become her carer.

Jeanne backed Rob so well in his many years as a Councillor and Mayor on Boorowa Council, underlining significantly the adage, “Behind every man is a good woman.”

Jeanne has a wonderful man and family to support her, the roles now, in many ways, being reversed.

Fifty years is an enduring partnership and I congratulate them again and hope you can notch up sixty years.


Hilltops Council has scheduled another Strategic Plan Workshop for Boorowa, probably because they didn’t get the roll up they desired at the earlier workshops.

The village workshop for the villages of Frogmore, Reids Flat, Rugby and Rye Park has also been moved.

The Boorowa workshop will be held Monday November 13, the village workshop Tuesday November 21.

Both workshops will be 6.30pm to 9.00pm at Boorowa Ex-Services Club.

Peter Primrose, Shadow Minister for Local Government, on local news last week, intimated there was a shortfall in the costs related to the merger forming Hilltops Council.

He of course blamed the Berejiklian Government.

He could be trying to gain some political points, but it does provide us with a question we can ask at these workshops.

Ultimately, programs and projects are to be implemented and funded.

If there is a shortfall in funds, where will the funding come from?

The people will not be too happy if rates go up or services cut.


I bowl each week with some very astute cookies, and it was drawn to my attention that weather forecasters and horse racing tipsters aren’t very accurate in their predictions, often being very wrong, yet they still keep their jobs.

As I said, I associate with some very astute fellows, but it’s a worry when I know they still heed these weather forecasters and racing tipsters.


Talking about tipsters, the first Tuesday in November is almost upon us and once again the nation stops to watch a bunch of horses trying to win Australia’s greatest race.

Thousands will have their once a year punt and every office, pub, club or Cup party will run a sweep.

Boorowa has its tradition with the Hospital Auxiliary Melbourne Cup Luncheon on next Tuesday, November 7 from 11.30am at the Ex-Services Club.

Chance to drag out the ‘glad rags’, find a hat to match and get along to a day almost as good as being at Flemington.

You can still book at Carmody’s Newsagency, but better be quick.


Reids Flat really comes alive this Saturday November 4 with its annual Gymkhana.

If you’ve never been, go for a picturesque drive and take it all in.

Horse and fun events all day to enjoy.


They say Scotsmen can be tight, so consider this true.

A visitor to an Aberdeen (Scot) bar was surprised to find the beer was only two pence a pint.

The barman explained that it was that price to mark the century of the pub opening.

The visitor noticed, however, that the bar was empty.

“Are the regular customers not enjoying the special prices?” the visitor asked.

To which the barman replied, “They’re waiting for the Happy Hour.”