Ladies’ golf prepares for end of year tournaments

Six players joined in the play for the Marie Martin’s Trophy Stroke Event last Wednesday, October 11. 

The winner for the day was Frances Brewer and the runner up was Felicity Corcoran. 

It was also the AGM of the Ladies Golf, once again Marie Martin went in as President, Leanne Farrell as Vice-President. 

Polly Farrell was secretary, Felicity Corcoran handicap manager and Kate Crisp as Captain, Lyn Thomas as Treasurer, Vets delegate and card person Pat Croker and events manager was Del Grieg. 

Hot weather has started to set in so we have about three weeks left to play. 

After the season, if you would like to play later on in the evenings or early mornings, just let us know. 

Closing day is approaching as is the end of year Christmas Party. 

A few things happening so start getting prepared. 

Next week we play for Hazell Gardner Trophy and on cards are Hazell Gardner and Pat Croker.