Election done and dusted: Word in the Streets

Done and dusted. 

Brian Ingram has been elected unopposed as Mayor of the inaugural Hilltops Council.

I was surprised, but not surprised, that nobody put up their hand to oppose him.

Brian has promised to lead a council fully encompassing the entire council area, as he should, as should all council members.

We all pay our rates, we all have our expectations.

Hopefully this new council will meet those expectations.

One of the Mayor’s biggest problems could be resolving some of the factions that have been brought into this new regime, factions that have been evident in the old Harden and Young Councils.

I hope the differences of opinion can be put behind them and they can find cohesion and co-operation within their workings on council.

All we can do now is wish them well and hope Hilltops is upmost in their minds.


As we all know the Long Weekend in October brings thousands of people to Boorowa to enjoy the Irish Woolfest starting tomorrow.

There is so much on over the three days.

Check out one of the little Irish Woolfest 2017 booklets available all over town.

We’re in for a jam packed fun weekend – providing the weather is kind.

Then again, a little rain wouldn’t go amiss.

As I said, plenty on with the big day Sunday with the sheep running at noon.


Paddy was a very careless sawmill worker and one day he cut off his arm, so his mates stemmed the flow of blood, put his arm in a plastic bag and rushed him off to hospital.

Unbelievably, arm fine, he was back at work only a few days later, but carelessly cut off his leg.

His mates again stemmed the flow of blood, put his leg in a plastic bag and rushed him into the hospital.

To his mates’ amazement, miraculously he was back at work only a couple of days later as if nothing had happened.

You wouldn’t know it, Paddy hadn’t learnt his lesson and before not much time Paddy cut off his head.

Again his mates stemmed the flow of blood, put his head in a plastic bag and rushed him into hospital.

A forlorn doctor came out and told Paddy’s mates that Paddy had died.

Distraught, the mates said, “How? You miraculously saved his arm and leg. How can he be dead?”

“Cutting his head off didn’t kill him,” said the doctor, “some silly bastard put his head in a plastic bag. He suffocated.”


No doubt, the library offers much more than book borrowing, now catering for the kids in the school holidays.

Tomorrow, Friday September 29 at 10.30am, kids can roll up to the library and make it Go-Lego-balloon powered cars.

Wednesday October 4 at 3.30pm, the kids can get along and Make it and Take it Cupcakes.

Only proviso is 5yo and under need an adult to help.

Both sessions are free.

How good is that?


Next Monday, October 2, we can say “Happy Birthday” to Bede Morrissey, Dawn Barton, Frank Liddle, Tony Corcoran, Max Stanford, Roisin Carmody and I was led to believe Kerry Noakes.

Whether it be six or seven, it is quite a remarkable number of birthdays to fall on the one date in a small town.

See if we can top that number with more birthdays or wedding anniversaries occurring on one day.

I think only six on the 2nd, goes to show, that one can do his best to be right all of the time, then again:

“One can’t be right all of the time.”