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Links to Learning.
Links to Learning.

Kathryn McGuirk, Chair of Boorowa Community Landcare is working with Deb Woods and students from the Links to Learning program in both Yass and Boorowa schools to sow native seeds to grow a range of wattles, hop bush, hakea  and bottle brushes which in future years will be food for native birds in this region.

The Yass High School Links to Learning Year 10 group are working with the Yass Primary school to create a new indigenous garden which overlooks the Yass River.  

The Boorowa Central School Links to Learning Year 7 students are sowing native plants to plant out into a defined but bear school garden.  

The native plants that will be planted by students will improve the appearance of their garden as well as providing food for native birds in the future.

The Year 8 Yass High Links to Learning group of seven students sowed 560 tubes of native plants on their Wednesday session.  

Overall 1280 pots of native plants were sown over the three sessions.

The Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre delivers Links to Learning in fourteen schools across the Capital Region. 

The program seeks to re-engage young people with their education, through various learning opportunities which will improve their education, employment and life skills. 

Links to Learning empowers students to become active citizens, by building their connections with their community.

The objective of the partnership between Landcare and the Links for Learning program in Yass and Boorowa is to engage our local youth to work together as a team to improve the environment both of their respective school gardens while also providing future food sources for our native woodland birds.  

Funding for this program has been provided through an Environmental Trust Grant “Connecting land and water for Superb Parrots and Pygmy Perch”.

 This grant was won and is administered by Boorowa Community Landcare.

For more information on Boorowa Community Landcare Group, contact 6385 1018 or email landcare@boorowa.net