Darts semis Thursday

It’s been a long time coming but the semi finals for the 2017 darts competition are finally here tonight.

The ladders after the final round looked this way:

A Grade: Ram Z 9, Rec Gold 8, Top Pub Guinness 6, Randy Stallions 4, Ex-Services 26’s 2, Rec Green 1.

B Grade: Top Pub Leprechauns 6, Top Pub Shamrocks 5, Courty Two 5, RSL 2

C Grade: Top Pub Jameson’s 6, Naughty Courty 5, Top Pub Gaelics 3, Mad Rams 3

The matches for tonight are as follows in the respective grades with the home team first:

A Grade: Top Pub Guinness v Ex-Services 26’s and Randy Stallions V Rec Green. Ram Z and Rec Gold have the luxury of the week off.

B Grade: Top Pub Leprechauns v Top Pub Shamrocks and Courty Two v RSL

C Grade: Top Pub Jameson’s v Naughty Courty and Top Pub Gaelics V Mad Rams at the Ex-Services Club due to multiple games already at the Top Pub.

The results for the last round were:

A Grade: Ram Z 5 beat Rec Gold 2, Randy Stallions 4 beat Rec Green 3, Top Pub Guinness 6 beat Ex-Services 1

B Grade: Top Pub Shamrocks 4 beat RSL 3, Courty Two 4 beat Top Pub Leppers 3

C Grade: Top Pub Jameson’s 4 beat Mad Rams 3, Top Pub Gaelics 4 beat Naughty Courty 3

Highlights of the round included 132 to Amanda of the Gaelics. Judy Jordan had a 140 and a 95 pegout for the Ex-Services whilst Mitch Leslie hit six tons for the Randy Stallions. David had a 12 dart game for the Leppers including a 92 pegout. Darryl Armour hit a 117 and a 102 whilst Darrell Hanns hit a 116. Clare Curtis had a 112 with a 101 Peg out. Glen Klose hit three tons including a 115. James Green hit three tons whilst Josh Carmody and Rod Neeson tuned up for the semis with multiple tons each.

Captains are reminded to include the surnames on scoresheets so that players can be recognised for their great darts. This columnist is not a physic.

It’s a huge night of finals action so get down to your local and check out all the action. There’s nothing like a night at the darts.