Rugby and Rye Park students celebrate grandparents

To celebrate Grandparents Day and Education Week, students from Rugby and Rye Park Public schools jointly hosted an Open Day and lunch at Rye Park School.

Students excitedly, welcomed and involved parents, grandparents, great grandparents and friends in the activities planned for the day.

All the children displayed confidence and purpose as they stood before their audience of guests to present items of work they were particularly proud of.

Dances and ukulele performances were especially popular.

Intense looks of concentration were on every musician’s face and little fingers, from Kinder to Year 4 stretched across the frets of Ukuleles to successfully accompany popular songs.

Excitedly, students managed to persuade parents and grandparents to be their partners for dancing.

Whilst a number of visitors were initially reluctant, the broad smiles and laughter indicated the success of the activity.

No one left the dance floor without having had fun!

Before lunch visitors and students participated in a video conference with the Education Centre at Port Botany.

This activity was a fabulous opportunity to broaden the students learning and engagement in a unit of work as well as show case to our visitors the importance of technology in students learning.

Rye Park Public Schools P&C once again provided a fabulous barbecue lunch for students and guests.

Over lunch everyone had the opportunity to talk about the events of the day and for visitors to reflect on their early years of education and share their experiences with the children.

No doubt the general consensus was…. how times have changed!

A great day was had by all!