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Conduct unbecoming of a Councillor

At a public meeting of candidates in Young last Wednesday, Tony Flanery declared ‘a non pecuniary conflict of interest in Blantyre Farms’.

A conflict of interest exists where a reasonable and informed person would perceive that someone could be influenced by a private interest when carrying out their public duty.

Councillors MUST declare a conflict of interest when a matter is being considered and exclude themselves from any discussions about it.

Contrary to this requirement, while a Councillor, Tony Flanery did not declare a conflict of interest and in fact initiated discussions in Council meetings and strongly supported Blantyre Farms’ proposal.

This may explain why Tony Flanery misleadingly stated: the economic value is ‘about $15 million’ when the proponent herself put the figure at $12 million; employment generated would have been ‘40 jobs’ when the proponent’s optimistic forecast was 20. 

In whose interest has Tony Flanery acted? 

Why did he NOT disclose his interest in Blantyre Farms proposal at the Council meetings in February and March 2016?

Do we want someone on Hilltops Council who appears to have no regard for Council’s Code of Conduct and who does not report important numbers accurately?

Dr Julia Atkin

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