Two rounds left before darts semis

Tonight will see the penultimate round of the regular season as teams continue to jockey for positions in their respective grades. The draw for tonight sees:

A Grade: Ex-Services 26’s v Rec Green, Ram Z v Top Pub Guinness, Rec Gold v Randy Stallions. 

B Grade: Courty Two v RSL, Top Pub Leprechauns v TopPub Shamrocks. 

C Grade: Top Pub Jameson’s v Top Pub Gaelic’s, Mad Rams v Naughty Courty

The results from last week saw:

A Grade: Rec Green 5 beat Ram Z 2, Rec Gold 5 beat Top Pub Guinness 2, Randy Stallions 4 beat Ex-Services 26’s 3. 

B Grade: Top Pub Leprechauns 5 beat RSL 2, Top Pub Shamrocks 4 beat Courty Two 3. 

C Grade: Top Pub Jameson’s 5 beat Naughty Courty 2, Top Pub Gaelic’s 7 beat Mad Rams 0.

The highlights from last weeks round included a 180 maximum from Rod Neeson of the Rec Gold. Tim Good and Dennis Watson hit 140’s for Rec Green as Did Kris Halls for Ram Z. Shane Karchinsky had an 82 Peg out for the Courty while Ben Jenkins hit two nice tons for the Courty.

As well as the team trophies to be played for, there are plenty of individual awards to be recognised so players should make every shot count. It’s all happening at the darts. See you at your venue tonight.