Big decisions to be made: Word in the Streets

Wendy Tuckerman has missed out on preselection for the NSW Nationals for the Cootamundra byelection, however will still run in the Hilltops Council election.
Wendy Tuckerman has missed out on preselection for the NSW Nationals for the Cootamundra byelection, however will still run in the Hilltops Council election.

Commiserations to Wendy Tuckerman in her quest to gain National Party pre-selection for the seat of Cootamundra. Steph Cooke, florist from Young, won the right to run for the seat at the upcoming bi-election.


From one election to another. My biggest fear is that after the Council elections September 9, Boorowa has no representative on the new council.

For Boorowa this would be a disaster, yet I hear people, and I might add, too many people, saying they aren’t going to vote for Wendy Tuckerman or ‘her group’.

We need strong representation on this council and we need Boorowa and district to get right behind our three aspirants and give them the support they need to hopefully win three seats.

If you don’t like these three candidates, who else from Boorowa has put their hand up to run? No one.

Tuckerman, Ryan and Corcoran need to be on Council, Boorowa needs them there, so the bottom line is, love, like or loathe them, put Boorowa first and vote this experienced group onto the inaugural Hilltops Council.


Speaking of council, I was surprised to see only five candidates running from Young. With four from Harden and Boorowa’s three, strong representation from Harden and Boorowa is achievable. The other candidates come from small villages including two from Murringo.

Of all the candidates, quite a few will be first time councilors and will face quite a baptism of fire. I encourage this new blood, but rest assured, there will be some experienced hands to guide them.

All councilors will find this new experience one very tough, but rewarding gig.


I went to Boorowa’s meet the candidates meeting last Thursday night, which alarmingly, was not well attended.

Wendy Tuckerman, supported by Jack Ryan and Chris Corcoran, spoke very well iterating on the reasons for amalgamation, stressing the benefits already achieved by the Administration and the exciting developments we can look forward to in the future.

This was all very good, but one challenge she did bring up was the need to get younger people involved in local government at future elections, to even be ready to put their hand up in three years time.

Admittedly, the current crop is getting older, but unfortunately, requests to the young tend to fall on deaf ears.


Big decisions to be made locally. Big decisions to be made nationally. A postal plebiscite to determine yay or nay to same sex marriage.

In any argument one likes to know the pros and cons, the arguments for and against. It is nice to be informed. The ‘Yes’ vote will launch and advertising blitz as will the ‘No” vote. Expect literature in your mail box.

Now there’s the alarming fact. Apparently some unions are worried about the posties being taumatised about delivering mail contrary to their beliefs, especially if the contents contains ‘No’ information.

Here lies the conundrum. When did posties start reading our mail? When did unions decide what we, as part of the Australian Community, could read or not read? When did the unions start running our country? Therein lies another story.


Brides, burqas, national birthdays. When will politicians start worrying about our burgeoning debt, cost of living -  the important things. Are they clowns? Consider:

“The politician is an acrobat. He keeps his balance by saying the opposite of what he does.” (Maurice Barres)