Rotary Nationals of the Model United Nations assembly competition a great success

Boorowa Central School students proudly competed at MUNA Nationals for the ninth time in the past ten years.

In previous years Boorowa teams competed as Delegates from the countries of Zambia, Nigeria, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, Russia, New Zealand and this year Samoa.

Teams come from around Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales with both public and private schools competing.

Schools usually choose the countries they wish to represent and spend about a month researching the economy, culture, national dress and politics of that country.

The United Nations resolutions are decided by Rotary and the almost one hundred students have their first debating session on the Friday working in country Blocs to decide which six of the fifteen resolutions will be debated in the House of Representatives in Old Parliament House in Canberra over the weekend.

Debating takes place all of Saturday and Sunday morning with a prestigious embassy dinner at Burgmann Hall in the Australian National University enjoyed by all on the Saturday night.

This year the dinner was attended by representatives such as those from the American and Peruvian embassies.

Boorowa Central representatives this year were Year 11 students Morgan Liddle, Lucy Kershaw and Travis Rauchenberger who attended with their coach Mrs Debra Eustace who is the Teacher Librarian at their school.

Each of the students spoke about two of the resolutions and their six resolutions were all successfully passed as FOR at the end of each debate.

Morgan debated the resolutions about the situation in Syria and the International Regulation of Migration, Lucy debated about the Abolition of Violence against Women and Girls and also debated Human Rights and Terrorism whilst Travis debated about the world agreeing to abolish Weapons of Mass Destruction and then the situation in North Korea.

Each of the students spoke with great passion regarding the seriousness of each resolution in regards to the United Nation’s aims for World Peace.

Their coach Mrs Eustace was incredibly proud of the students for; their fantastic performances over the weekend, their poise and social talents at the embassy dinner and the time they put in over a month of lunch times researching, collating, editing their work and then compiling their information into effective debating notes so they could each represent their school to the best of their ability.

Their sponsor Rotary Club Burley Griffin has now invited them to a special lunch in their honour in Canberra where they will speak about their experiences in the hope of encouraging others to follow in their footsteps in 2018.