Under 11s and Under 11s League Tag make junior league grand final

The Harden/Boorowa Under 11s side have made it to the grand final after defeating Cootamundra. The Under 11s League Tag defeated Young to make it to the grand final.
The Harden/Boorowa Under 11s side have made it to the grand final after defeating Cootamundra. The Under 11s League Tag defeated Young to make it to the grand final.

Boorowa will have plenty of representation in junior league grand finals with both the Harden/Boorowa Under 11s and the Harden/Boorowa Under 11s League Tag teams making their respective grand finals. 

The Harden/Boorowa U11s League Tag girls for defeated Young Cherrypickers on Saturday 12 to 4.

The girls were evenly matched throughout the game and both teams were strong on defence and keeping up the pressure. The first try and conversion were by Hayley Hambrook who has been a strong consistent player throughout the season.

Young were fast on their attacks and responded with a try for a half time score of 6 to 4 Harden’s way. The second half was just as tough and close with good tagging by Shania McKinnon, Heidi O'Connor and Hayley Hambrook.

The Bushhawks were close to scoring several times but Young kept up the pressure and forced mistakes by Harden. With only a minute to go Georgia Squire-Wilson got a good break and used her speed to score a crucial try. She was then able to successfully convert.

Well done girls and well done coach Cara Phillis and Luke Brown. Next week - the grand finals! Go Bushhawks!

Well done to the Under 11s who won against Cootamundra last weekend, and now have secured a place this week in the grand final. 

Tries were scored by Dan Canellis, Harvey Gay, Jake Cayfe, Joshua Dean, Brody Steele, and Ty Leitner, to take the final score 34-6. Good luck on Saturday against Wagga Brothers.

Come and support our girls and boys in Young on Saturday.

Here are the profiles for the teams:

Under 11’s

Harvey Gay – Captain – Front row

Harvey leads by example with don’t argue defence. He takes them on from up front every set of six and is looked up to by all he’s peers.  

Dan Canellis – Vice Captain – Five eighth

Dan is dangerous from any where on the park with his speed an asset and ability to put players through holes.

Oscar Phillis – Halfback

Oscar steers hes peers around the park very well and with his defence improving every week he will be looking forward to the challenge.

Brody Steele – Hooker

Brodie has proven to be a handful for the defence with his ability to offload in traffic. A big asset to his game.

Brody Schofield - Winger

Brodie has pace to burn and loves to return kicks with his speed. They don’t like to kick to him very often.

Hunter Minson - Centre

Hunter has become the all-round player with hes ability to bring the defense down with his tiny frame.

Angus Woodhead – Winger

Angus is always looking for the ball and just wants to help his team mates out. Angus loves to run the ball into the defense.

Lucas Cayfe - Centre

Lucas has the all round package with his ability to befend and attack like a second rower.

Jake Cayfe – Five-eighth/Centre

Jake is dynamic when he uses his pace off the mark. He likes to get his mates going and adds plenty of enthusiasm to the team.

Jonathon Barnes - Winger

Jonnie has determination plus he thrives on crashing into the defence. A young man that has worked hard for his team.

John Drew – Second rower

John is small in stature but big in effort. He’s don’t argue style of defence has been a big asset in the last few weeks.

Lachlan Campbell – Second rower

Lochie is a hardworking player at training and on the field a quality young man that packs a punch.

Josh Craig – Centre/Winger

Josh has takent to burn and can do anything he is asked. Josh is a player that can turn a game to our advantage.

Josh Dean - Hooker

Josh is our pocket rocket with the heart the size of he’s body and courage to match. He will be dangerous for the defence.

Ned Flick – Second rower

Ned is a hard working young man who gritts his teeth and goes hard for the entire time he is on the field.

Josh Karchinski – Second rower

Josh is a cannon ball runner with the ball. He is a complete hand full for the defense with a don’t argue defend.

Harry Shea - Centre

Harry has a mean step on him and one on one he can’t be stopped with pace to be added.

Ty Leitner – Centre/Winger

Ty has talent in both attack and defense. He is a very dangerous player with the ball and ability to be a support player as well.

Jack McMahon – Front row

Jack is big in stature and big in effort. He has the ability to offload in traffic and can be hard to bring down.

Charlie Fogg – Front Row

Charlie uses his big frame to his advantage as he makes meters every time he runs the ball.

Oliver Minehan – Half Back

Oliver is a dangerous dynamo with ability to defend and step his way through the defense to gain any advantage for his team.

Under 11’s League Tag

Heidi O’Connor – Captain

Heidi leads her team from the front. She is very relaxed character on and off the footy field which helps keep her team mates composed.

Hayley Hambrook

Brings many strong attributes to the team. She has speed to burn and covering the back of the field from the long and high kicks. Hands like magnets.

Amelia Rowan

Amelia loves to make sure the attacking team doesn’t make many meters. Her strong defence is a huge asset to the team.

Zarlie Quinn

Her small features and big heart help the team move forward. With hips swinging Zarlie breaks the line of defence nearly every time.

Georgia Squire-Wilson

Georgia is one of the tallest in the team, she helps her team by taking them forward when needed and is strong in defence. She leads from the front and is a quiet achiever.

Ella Cross

Ella is a loud achiever through her communication on and off the field. She has a way with words that lifts her teams spirits. Ella also leads from the front she talks the talk but she also walks the walk.

Bonnie Abnett

Bonnie is a quiet achiever she doesn’t say much but when she is defending or running the ball she is loud and proud shown through her actions.

Shania Mckinnon

She might be little but a heart of gold who tries her hardest week in and week out to achieve the best goal for her side. She has a great little step on her which shows when she busts through the defensive line.

Josie Davis-Chard

Josie is another one of my quiet achievers, but is a hardworking player on game day and at training. Josie always puts in a strong effort week in week out.

April Drew

April is a smart player picking her timing and achieving to make every tag, having hands like glue that just stick to the opponents tags.

Mia Howard

Mia has a big heart when it comes to her football, she takes it very serious and when out there leads her team from the front.

Julia Roberts

Is the talker of the team and is always eager to take the field and give it everything she’s got in attack and defense.

Talai Vasquez

Talai has made her mark within the squad by being a ball runner. She is a great listener and does everything she is asked to do.


Stands tall when she runs the ball even though she has had an injury weighing over her head for most of the year but she has not let it stand in her way.

Grea Young

Grea is a dynamic player who just loves having a go. She is an asset and player who is happy to play anywhere and do it to the best of her ability.

Heidi Klose

Is a dangerous with and without the ball, she is a strong ball runner and defensive player. She is a player who shows up, stands up and gives it all when needed.

Paige Brown

Paige is a dynamic player who gives everything; she is a great ball player who pushes herself in defense. She pushers her way through the defensive line with great ball skills to off load and take the team forward.