Team can deliver growth

Former Hilltops Council administrator Wendy Tuckerman is running for election to the new council with former Boorowa councillors Jack Ryan and Chris Corcoran.

The trio wants to deliver growth for the Hilltops region by developing infrastructure and by encouraging and supporting business and tourism in the area.

The former Boorowa Councillors say they bring to the table a proven record of achievement.

"We believe that by working together we bring to the table a wealth of experience and a sound knowledge of local government," they said.

"We believe in a Council that is cohesive, respectful and outcomes focused, we are passionate about connecting with members of the community and giving them a strong voice in local and regional issues.  The formation of the Hilltops Council brings great opportunity, we believe in it, and we want to ensure its success for the benefit of all."

The trio says that if elected they want to develop an Education Precinct that connects and encourages lifelong learning pathways and also advocate for better roads and connectivity throughout the region.

"We also want to support an innovative agriculture sector focused on new and emerging technology and deliver cost-effective and efficient services," they said.

"Our focus will also be to encourage volunteers by supporting local non-profit organisations and grow the recognition of the Hilltops brand, encouraging and supporting business and tourism in the area.

"We will also push to build infrastructure to support growth and amenity in our region."

We believe in a Council that is cohesive, respectful and outcomes focused.

Team Tuckerman

Mrs Tuckerman said the group want to promote the Hilltops Region as a great place to live, work and play.

"We are passionate about enhancing local identity – including close consultation with villages; ensuring their issues are heard," she said.

"We want to ensure that all communities have access to quality water supplies and waste services and we want a strong and vibrant business community working in partnership with the Council.

"We want better roads and connectivity across all parts of the Council area. I’m a passionate advocate for the community, and I love working and engaging with people and that is what we will do if we are elected on September 9.