Letters to the Editor

As good as the Nationals get

The Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson for all bar the last of her Parliamentary terms has been as about good as The Nationals get. 

She has been the best of the ministers of agriculture her party has supplied for a long time.   

The disasters of council amalgamation and in her instance appointment of who I consider an incompetent Administrator have mired her earlier achievement. 

I believe the Administrator’s understanding of management essentials will leave Hilltops worse than she found it. 

I believe the Hilltops Administrator is in no way fit to be a councilor, mayor or political representative. She leaves a legacy of failure.

Wastage on roads, poor decisions and poor selection of incompetent staff promoted beyond their capability.

$15 million of amalgamation money should not be enough of a sweetener to get her over the line. 

Hilltops will need courageous and capable Councilors not the chattering latte set to clean up the Hilltops mess. We will get what we vote for.

Dugald Walker


Untainted by the forced amalgamation 

Great to see the likes of Tony Flanery, Matt Stadtmiller and John Walker putting their names forward for council. Not afraid to speak up and untainted by the stench of forced amalgamation.

The fact they were all left off the Administrator controlled, handpicked committees puts them streets ahead already. About time someone represented the voters instead of the State Government.

Scott Collins


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