Harden ‘meet the candidates’ evening

The inaugural council for our amalgamated region is looming close with the elections scheduled for September 9. The Harden Regional Development Corporation are offering all members of the Hilltops community an opportunity to “Meet the Candidates” on Thursday, August 24 at the Harden Country Club at 6:30 pm. With an anticipated 50 possible nominees form across the Hilltops region, there will be many candidates of whom most community members will have no knowledge. An opportunity to put a face to a name and hear each candidate’s aspirations for our region, their previous experience and skills and what they can bring to the task of representing our communities, will provide valuable information to guide our decisions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make sure your vote is based on sound knowledge and identified priorities. Our first elected councillors in this new amalgamated region will need to listen closely to local communities and build on the strengths of each town and village, in order to strengthen the whole region. Candidates will need to demonstrate persistence, be skilled negotiators and gain in-depth knowledge of the multiple towns within the region. A sound grasp of state and federal programs in order to promote the whole Hilltops region will also be required of our future councillors, if they are to serve us effectively.

Candidates are encouraged to secure a place and ensure that you have the best possible chance of convincing the public of your strengths to represent the region during this critical transition period.

Please register to speak at the Meet the Candidates evening before COB Monday, August 21 by emailing hardenregionaldevcorp@gmail.com or phoning the office on 6386 5536.