Biodynamics workshop

Charlie Arnott and Rob Young will be hosting a two day ‘Introduction to Biodynamics workshop at Hanaminno on September 7 and 8.

Biodynamics is a method, proven for nearly a century all over the world, that enriches and deepens topsoil, enhancing water holding capacity and plant yield.

Biodynamics promotes disease resistance and raises the nutritional value of human and animal foods.

This is of obvious benefit to both farmers and consumers alike.

Charlie has been using Biodynamics on Hanaminno for more than ten years and makes various preparations, which he sprays onto pasture as a plant and soil conditioner.

“It’s a very low cost, low input agricultural practice, which can easily be incorporated into normal daily activities, like moving stock, and checking paddocks and watering points,” Charlie said.

“We make our own ‘brews’ on farm using mainly materials found on our property, the main ingredient being cow manure, which is in bountiful supply in our paddocks!”

In this time of accelerating climate instability, the biodynamic method increases soil carbon capture, reducing the build-up of carbon in the atmosphere.

Australia loses nearly seven tonnes of soil per hectare per year across the entire continent.

Biodynamics creates humus which holds and builds the soil as well as increasing drought tolerance.

In Australia’s landscapes a 2% increase in humus to 30cm depth would equate to an increase in water-holding capacity of approximately 30 litres per square metre or one Olympic pool per 10 hectares.

The use of Biodynamics promotes the creation of organic matter in soil, significantly improving its ability to retain water, which of course improves its ability to grow grass and feed livestock ultimately leading to increased farm income.

“The way we handle our stock also contributes to their ability to convert grass to meat, and when that’s combined with better quality pasture, then stock fatten quicker, leaving opportunities to turn more stock over.”

At the ‘Introduction to Biodynamics’ course you will learn how the biodynamic preparations contribute to the soil food web creating fertility and balance in your soil.

Biodynamics is a cost effective method of producing high quality plants, food and fibre with regenerative ecological outcomes.

Also applicable for garden enthusiasts.

This two day workshop will introduce you to all practical aspects needed to apply biodynamics:

  • The life of the soil
  • Creating fertility in your soil
  • Managing your natural resources
  • Practical use of the biodynamic preparations
  • Using the planting calendar
  • Developing risk management: Weeds, Pests, Diseases

Bookings can be made via Jayne Apps on 6385 3217 or or ‘Hanaminno’, 810 Brial Rd, Boorowa.

Directions will be forwarded with booking acknowledgement. 

The cost is $275pp or $350 per couple, $175pp for participants in previous workshops (GST included).

Morning and afternoon teas and lunch provided.

Please register by Friday, September 1, 2017.