Leaders in sport

On July 26, 27 and 28 Jamie-Lea Stephens, Kiara Shean and Tracey Noakes attended a Youth Sports Leaders Scholarship Camp.

The first day consisted of a brief outline and introduction of the next three days and the instructors.  After a quick lunch break we were tested on our team work in a range of activities on the initiatives course.

We were then spilt up in separate groups with people who we did not know, but had to work with to complete the challenges. Later that afternoon the boys and girls were split up, where the boys went and did the high ropes and the girls participated in a Traditional Indigenous Games (TIG) session. 

At 6:30pm everyone at the camp attended an information session with Alex Mednis. The information session focused on social media and how we can use our social media knowledge to help our own sporting clubs. The session included a lot of information and showed things that we didn’t even know we could do on Facebook pages.

The second day of the camp, was a much longer day with more activities and sessions. Each sport that was offered at the camp split off with designated State Sport Officers (SSO).

We had the pleasure of having Rachel Herrick guide us through some drills and techniques when coaching. Rachel ran the basketball group through a quick slideshow of how to be an effective coach in basketball and other sports, and the fundamentals of basketball.

After the theory side of the training session, each group spent 30 minutes preparing a coaching session with drills and games, to demonstrate what we got out of the training session. Each sport then had to deliver the coaching sessions to students at Wellington Public School.

After a quick debrief from the SSO everyone came together where guest speakers, Matt Tabbermor and Matt Ellis from Cricket NSW, Kate Pullbrook from Hockey NSW, Andrew Fearnley from Football NSW, Rachel Herrick from Basketball NSW and Darren Yates from the Office of Sport spoke about their own careers and offered tips into what type of skills we needed to get a career in the sports industry. After these discussions, everyone headed back to camp for some free time and to relax.

At 7:30pm everyone attended another information session, run by the Australian boxing champion Sam Ah-See. Sam spoke about the highs and lows of trying to become a professional athlete, and his new-found life outside of sport. We found the talk very inspiring and interesting.

Last day of the camp, was a lot more chilled and relaxed. After breaky and packing up the lodges and gathering our things together, the boys and girls split up to do high ropes and TIG.

With high ropes being the first activity, the girls were shown how to put harnesses on correctly and how to do high ropes without getting injured.

The girls then moved onto doing archery, showing their skills. They were shown how to set up the bow and arrow correctly and the technique used to fire one. After the activities everyone then came together for their final sit down as a group.

We had a fantastic time away at camp, learnt a lot of new things and met new people. We as a group would like to thank Miss Harris for giving us the opportunity to attend this camp.