Posthumous honour for Boorowa boy

In recent week I have received a phone call from Kit Bryce, Boorowa, informing me the good news that her late brother-in-law Eric Bryce is going to be inducted into the Adelaide Hall of Fame. 

Simone and Eric Bryce.

Simone and Eric Bryce.

This news was later confirmed to me when Simone Bryce (wife of the late Eric Bryce) from Adelaide phoned me to say that Eric will be posthumously inducted for his achievements of excellence in music on September 11, 2017. 

Simone will be presented with a medallion in memory of Eric's achievements at the Westminster College, Adelaide. 

A brief history of the late Eric Bryce, who was born in Booorwa. 

Growing up in Brial Street, his parents were Mr and Mrs Albert Bryce. 

A brother to the late Ronnie Bryce. 

Eric attended school at Boorowa Central to Intermediate Level, gaining his Leaving Certificate at Young High School. 

Although Eric came from a musical family, Albert and Ronnie played in the local bands. 

Eric always credits his success in playing the piano to a Catholic nun, Sister Winifred, Eric’s first music teacher at St Joseph’s Convent School. 

His achievements in music would take a whole chapter to print. 

In summary, Eric on leaving school would in the back at the same time studying music at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, passing his exams with honours, thus taking up the position at Barker College, Sydney as a musical master. 

After marrying his lovely wife Simone and moving to Adelaide, Eric was the Master of Music at Norwood High College, also becoming the first Master of Msuic with the South Australian Department of Education. 

In the 1960’s Eric worked with the ABC as a freelance arranger. 

He composed musical arrangements for The Little River Band and Adelaide’s Symphony Orchestra. 

Eric’s talents had him performing with two other Boorowa boys and world renown musical geniuses James Morrison and Don Burrows. 

The other good news for the residents of Boorowa is that Simone in her recent phone call to me said she would like to present Eric’s hometown some of Eric’s memorabilia such as his Australia Day Award certificate and other awards in memory of her wonderful, achieving husband. 

Hence I have contacted Boorowa’s current legend Dawn Barton, informing Dawn of Simone's thoughtful and generous offer. 

A suitable location is to be found.