Have your say: Letters to the Editor

I’m sure I don’t need to remind readers of this newspaper of the importance of local issues to the quality of life in the Hilltops Local Government Area. 

That’s why I’m issuing this call for potential candidates of every age, gender and political allegiance to consider standing for council when nominations open on July 31.

Our sector has moved a long way beyond the hackneyed old ‘roads, rates and rubbish’.  Local government employs 50,000 staff across the state, and has an annual spend of $10 billion. That means modern councillors from a wide variety of backgrounds are not only representing their communities but working together within a board-like structure to help govern multi-million dollar operations.

I’m writing today to urge anyone interested in contributing to the strength and growth of this state to consider standing for election when 46 councils go to the polls on September 9. 

Local government is one of the most direct, logical and practical paths to help improve the quality of life in any community – and we need men and women who are up to the job ahead.

Clr Ruth Fagan

Director, Local Government NSW

Council Amalgamation and Election of Councillors

I am writing to express my very great concern about the upcoming Hilltops Council Election.

Boorowa and surrounding District residents were told, before the merger, that we could not be a part of a Ward (riding) system, where a representative from each Ward in the newly formed Hilltops Council could be elected to represent those constituents in that particular Ward.

A suggestion was mooted that at least two nominations be made from Harden and two from Boorowa, in order for those districts to have a representation on the new Council.

I note that in the Dubbo and Wellington merger, the above system is being used.  How is it then, that we in Hilltops, have been denied this opportunity?  Our chance of fair and reasonable representation is questionable, in my opinion.

Margaret Kelly