Visitor takes the prize

Twenty two players drew for teams last Thursday for the regular three bowl triples. 

The winner was regular visitor from Albion Park Charlie Sorgsepp on 25.

He was closely followed by Col Good on 22 and a tie for third on 22 between another regular visitor from Goulburn, Bob McNeil and Tony Cassells.

Last Thursday being the end of the month the consistency trophy was calculated. 

This is a collation of each players result over four weeks. 

The winner being Gary Dwyer and the stewards were called in to check on second place.

Ned Kelly the Binalong Bushranger had again run a place. 

The additions were checked and forensic accountants then reviewed the results. 

Ned had indeed run a place without the use of bribery for the second month running.

Third was John Dymock. 

It’s on again this Thursday starting at 12.30pm.