Goldies bite Red Backs​

So the boys last weekend got on the bus and headed down to Braidwood to take on the Red Backs.

Once again I was not at the game due to circumstances I cannot disclose in such a public forum. 

However, I did have some very reliable sources and researchers at the game and they have given me some golden material!

With some big names out this week (Phil Maine, Friendy and Brad Rose) the Goldies went with a slightly weaker team then usual. 

However it did not affect them. 

Actually some might say it was a great thing as they won by a whopping score of 44-10.

With the absence of our resident glory hunter/paramedic Brad Rose, Lockie McGuinness stepped into the fly half position and did a fine job steering the ship.

After the game our captain was quoted saying ‘Ahhhh listen here coppa, I don’t know what the big hussle and bussle around Brad is, I reckon Lockie is a better player, better bloke and has better leg and facial hair’. 

Thanks for that Mart.

The boys scored a total of eight tries, two to Mark Wood Poplin, two to Ryan Feedlot Simpson and then one going to Tim “Weirdo” Gregory, James “Coffee” Green, Brock “Clothless” Ritchie and Jye “Loud Mouth” Patterson.

Club President was asked after the game what he made of it from the sideline and said, ‘Yeah good game, fortunately not as many chicks on the sideline as last week. They can be very distracting. The forwards did well but are really missing my killer punch and grunt. Anyone want to buy a house?” 

We will have to get back to you on that one Mr President.

This week’s points went to:

  • Lockie McGuinness – Three points
  • Hamish McGuinness – Two points
  • James Green – One point
  • Players’ Player went to Tim Gregory
  • Chicks’ Pick went to Ryan Simpson.