Historic local election: Word in the Streets

From left- Gary Dwyer, Tony Walters, Kim Cooper, Tony Cassells and Casey Cooper, part of the group at Kim's farewell last Friday. Photo supplied.

From left- Gary Dwyer, Tony Walters, Kim Cooper, Tony Cassells and Casey Cooper, part of the group at Kim's farewell last Friday. Photo supplied.

Last week’s News front page almost told it all.

In just over two months we elect the inaugural Hilltops Council.

I urge anyone considering running for Council really put in a huge effort to getting their profile and message out to the voters – us.

This election ballot paper will be unlike any we’ve experienced in local government elections in that it will contain many unknowns.

There will be names on the ballot paper many voters will not be at all familiar with.

These voters are the people candidates need to get their message to.

It is these voters who need to take efforts to gain Knowledge of who they are voting for.

This election will be unique, it will be historic, it will be important.

We need eleven councilors hell bent on taking Hilltops forward.

The voters task is to sort the wheat from the chaff.


After twenty six and a half years stalwart service to Boorowa Ex-Services Club and its members, Kim Cooper has decided it was time to retire, last Friday, June 23 being her last day.

Kim has been the heart and soul of the Club and her contribution to the success of the Club is immeasurable.

Kim’s one of those people who ensure even the little tasks were not overlooked and her cheery disposition will be missed by members and management alike.

Enjoy your retirement Kim, you’ve deserved it.


Some things are not sacrosanct.

Two old ladies sitting in a church, one turns to the other and says, “My bottom fell asleep.”

The other replies, “Yeah! I thought I heard it snore.”


Then there’s the chap from Frogmore way.

He’d been out working on the farm and got in just as his wife was leaving for town to watch the grand kids play soccer.

With no time to change he hopped in the car and headed off.

A lady was talking to the fellow’s son at the soccer and asked if his family was here.

He assured her they were and on being asked where, the son pointed them out.

“Oh! Is that homeless looking fellow your Dad?” commented the lady.

I didn’t think he looked that scruffy - but then again …….


It’s nice to see the Clubs organize activities for the youngsters.

You can rev up the under twelves, the Ex-Services Club has a disco organized for tomorrow night, Friday June 23, 6.30pm.

Cost is $5 which includes a drink and snacks.

While the kids bop, parents can have a meal or join in the weekly raffles.


Many a time I said to a child distressed about making a mistake, “You learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes.”

Each year in my classroom I displayed a saying, “You only see the obstacles when you take your eyes of your goals.”

One can always try to improve themselves adhering to the adage, “It’s not where you start, but where you finish that counts.”

Jo and myself love The Voice and this season the talent has been exceptional.

There can only be one winner, meaning talented performers face relegation with its disappointment.

Losing contestants could take heart from any of the sayings mentioned earlier, but impressive judge and mentor Kelly Rowland gave those eliminated some sound advice:

“Behind every setback is a set up.”