Goldies’ draw on Ladies’ Day

Week 10 saw the Goldies take on Crookwell at home and it was also Ladies’ Day.

A massive crowd of more than 4,500 turned out to cheers the boys on and to raise money for Karinya House in Canberra.

Karinya House is a home for Mothers and Babies which is a community based organisation providing supported accommodation, transitional housing and outreach services to pregnant and parenting women and their families who are in crisis.

Like the first game against Crookwell this year, it was another absolute cracker.

Both teams going hell for leather.

Massive hits, great passages of play and some great work by both sets of forwards.

In the first game this year Crookwell simple couldn’t handle the Goldies scrum but they had done their homework and were well able to match them and on one or two occasions they even won against the head.

The forwards were lead up front by their once again courageous captain coach Marty Corcoran.

The Goldies really got into a solid rhythm and provided some clean ball for Angus Merriman who had a massive day both on and off the field!

The backs had a really solid game.

Oh yeah…. and Brad Rose got two tries again who was again cheered on from the sideline by his mummy who made the trip down from Sydney and was quick to chase me down after the final whistle and point out, “Can you please refer to me as Bradley’s MUMMA not MUMMY, oh and can you please give my red lipstick and red silk blouse a mention too”.

Righto there you go MUMMA, there is your mention.

The back three of Greeny, Poppy and Jai were called up to make some tough tackles and didn’t shy away once.

Crookwell’s forwards were pretty strong in both defence and attack.

However, the Goldie’s defence was really solid and managed to keep them at bay and stay within touching distance.

The game did see two yellow cards first to our very own Bradley Rose and second to a Crookwell winger.

Both tackles were very borderline and on another day would have been missed.

Adam Mocka-never-did-a-thing was really busy around the park and rumour has he it got into four rucks, well that’s according to him.

With no time left on the clock and the Goldies down by five points Mark Poplin and all his 20kgs made a great break down the right wind to cross the line and bring the scores level.

Unfortunately, though the conversion was unsuccessful and the game ended up a draw.

Overall a draw was a very fair result for both teams.

Both teams played really good fast footy, showing amazing passion.

Mary Corcoran has written to the ARU inviting them to a game to show them what real passion is.

The after party continued at the Top Pub where there were raffles and an auction to raise money for Karinya House.

The tally is still going but its looking like its going to be more than 7k for Karinya House which is an amazing effort by all who attended.

This week’s notable mention goes to Russell Gouber Gorman who singly handily raised over $800 by donating two stubby holder, holders, a Texan in-bred hat and his famous party piece ‘The Helicopter” great effort from a great clubman.

This weeks points went to:

  • 3 Points – Tim Gregory
  • 2 Point – Phil Maine
  • 1 Point – Jeremy Walter

Chick’s Pick was shared between James Trotter, Dane Rowley and Eddie Corcoran.