Darts breaks for mid-season gradings

Round 13 of local darts took place last Thursday night with all teams now going into a short winter recess whilst the gradings take place and a fresh draw is done for the second half of the season.

  • Rec Wizards 4 beat RSL 3
  • Ram Z 5 beat Top Pub Jameson's 2
  • Top Pub Guinness 4 beat Randy Stallions 3
  • Courty Two 5 beat Top Pub Gaelics 2
  • Rec Gold 5 beat Ex-Services 26’s 2
  • Top Pub Shamrocks 5 beat Mad Rams 2
  • Top Pub Leprechauns 7 Beat Naughty Courty 0

Highlights from the round saw Tim Good jag five tons for the Wizards whilst Lester Murphy hit a 160 as did Amon Tai for the Guinness.

Mitch Leslie was good for the Stallions with four tons as was Amanda Shean with a 125 for the Gaelics.

Russell George hit five tons for the Rec Gold whilst Stewart Blomfield hit a 125 for the Ex-Services club.

So now the teams will be graded with details to be discussed and released at the all important general meeting to be held on Monday, June 19 at the Ex-Services club commencing at 7pm.

All teams are requested to have at least one representative in attendance.

In the meantime keep the arrows flying straight and see you at the boards.