Bush fire basic training in Boorowa

Seven recruits to the NSW Rural Fire Service recently completed their first level basic training. 

The recruits were from Frogmore, Cowra, Kenyu–Goba Creek and two each from Boorowa and Murringo.

The course started with two nights of theory. Instructors for the course for theory and practical were David Lees, Training Officer Harden Fire Control Centre, Michael Howard, John Dymock and Jock Corcoran.

Theory subjects covered include firefighter safety, bushfire behaviour and hazards and firefighting equipment and maintenance.

On Saturday and Sunday the group went to Frogmore Hall for the two day practical training and assessment. 

Out there they ran hoses, used a range of extinguishers and familiarised themselves with all the equipment carried on a local tanker. 

Live fire exercises included gas and oil fires, burning logs, grass fires and the essential fire ground radio skills.

An essential skill is the use of teamwork in fire fighting.

In two groups they were asked to run water through hoses with each member allocated a specific task.

They all enjoyed the hard physical grind but in the end were able to laugh at their mistakes. 

The group and the trainers were wonderfully catered for by Louise Baer in the well set up kitchen at   Frogmore Hall.

At the end of the day these new recruits can now go back to their local brigades trained and ready to assist in the next fire season.