“Hillbilly Council”: Letters to the Editor

Until this time last year I thought we lived in a democracy with freedom of speech and all the rights that go with it but democracy disappeared with the disgraceful forced amalgamation of councils in this district by Toole, Katrina Hodgkinson and Prue Goward, aided and abetted by Ms Tuckerman who has excelled by sacking the ex-Mayor of Young Council, Brian Ingram from the so-called consultative committee. She did this as a result of Brian rightly criticising the shocking financial report and budget just released by Hilltops Council. Brian topped the poll at the last election. 

When I heard what had happened I thought it must be the old communist Soviet Union, perhaps Kim Jong Un in North Korea but no it wasn't, it was Young. One thing that is immediately obvious is that the unbelievably badly prepared financial report was prepared by administrator Tuckerman with Anthony McMahon trotting along for the ride. A number of the committee have confirmed this to me.

How could anyone with any financial nous or genuine interest in improving the infrastructure in the area as was the purpose of the $13.8 million grant, designate $2 million to replace the turn styles at the Young pool and another $2 million at the library and I can assure you that if Harden or Boorowa had been the recipients of such ridiculous spending I would have been equally critical.

I think Brian is lucky as he can now tell us what really has been happening during the darkness and I'm sure it will be interesting and very distressing. I appeal to every fair-minded person who is interested in not only the Hilltops area but our entire country to see that Ms. Tuckerman is not elected to Council in September if she is foolish enough to stand.

Ross Flanery, Galong