Make your views known: Word in the Streets

Lee Furness, Tony Corcoran and Hilltops Administrator Wendy Tuckerman at the stall last Wednesday. Photo by John Snelling.

Lee Furness, Tony Corcoran and Hilltops Administrator Wendy Tuckerman at the stall last Wednesday. Photo by John Snelling.

The Hilltops Council operations and budget stall held Wednesday, May 17 was quite successful with a steady stream of visitation and even a couple of opportunities to establish some new networking contacts.

It was nice to see Administrator Wendy Tuckerman on hand to support the staff, and Interim General Manager Anthony McMahon also popped in to lend his support.

A good PR exercise for Council putting information out to the public, but if you didn’t avail yourself of the opportunity, there’s another chance, with a meeting tonight May 25, 6.00 – 7.30pm Ex-Services Club.

This meeting will look at Council’s ‘Economic Development and Tourism Strategy’, a crucial step shaping the region’s future.

All welcome, as your views are important.


A wonderful Deb Ball is over, but at one ball the Dad of a debutante was so proud to see his tomboy daughter frocked up and looking absolutely beautiful, and, he admitted, feminine.

On picking up his daughter after the ball, he watched his daughter walk across the ballroom floor to meet him.

She looked so pretty and he almost burst with pride.

“Daddy,” she said, “do we have to go right away? I’d like to see David.”

She was really growing up thought Dad, and teasingly asked her, “Why do you want to see David?”

“Because,” the daughter answered grimly, “he trod over my feet all night and I want to BOP him.”


Taking your debut is important.

Take the example of two Boorowa brothers who used to go shearing in the back country.

This particular year they took their teenage nephew on his first trip into the outback.

After a hard week on the shears, came Saturday night and the two brothers got dressed up – good shirt, tie, coat – the real bon ton touch. The young nephew became quite alarmed and asked them where they were going.

“To the dance in town,” was the reply.

“Dance,” said the young’un, “hang on I’m coming.”

‘You can’t,” came the reply.

“Why not?” enquired the aggrieved youngster.

“...cause you haven’t made your debut.”


As we get older, those grey cells can make us do funny things. A senior golfing mate who lives some way out of town brings his recycling in, in recycled shopping bags. He stopped at IGA, did a bit of shopping then drove up to the recycling bins and dumped his recyclables and drove straight home.

On arriving back home he found there were no groceries in the car. They’d gone into the recycling bin too. Luckily he did retrieve the groceries next day.

This getting old can be a bit of a worry.


We said goodbye to Jan Poplin last week. Much loved family matriarch and loved by many here in Boorowa.

Jan refused to be taken about eight years ago. A true miracle.

Despite her health and losing her husband, Jan inspired many, putting her own problems behind her and setting out to ensure the lives of others were better, and, with friend Esma, the Merry Widows was created - a wonderful legacy.

These words, I feel, say much about Jan:

“No man or woman of the humblest sort can really be strong, gentle and good, without the world being better for it, without somebody being helped and comforted by the very existence of that goodness.” (Phillips Brooks)