Thomson to run for Local Land Services election

Vivien Thomson.

Vivien Thomson.

The Riverina Local Land Services covers a vast area which encompasses the Riverina Highlands all the way down to the Hay plains. Vivien is the only candidate that comes from the Eastern and southern grazing zones for the Riverina LLS elections.

“We need a strong voice to represent the grazing and dryland cropping zones of the Eastern and Southern areas of the Riverina LLS, the way we farm and what we need as farmers is vastly different to the hay Plains,” Vivien said. 

The board needs a fresh approach and a voice from the south-eastern area of the Riverina.

We need board members that reflect the diversity of the landholders with an understanding of the issues that directly affect the LLS ratepayers on the ground.

Vivien is a mixed farmer from Muttama who will fight for the issues that directly affect ratepayers, she has been a board member of both national and state boards including the NP&WS Southern Ranges and the Riverina Highlands Advisory committee.

Vivien said, “it is critical that the government have a strong understanding of the impacts of their decision making on farmers. They need to understand when they make a decision that it works hand in hand with landowners not against them”.

Vivien has personal experiences in the fight against pest animals such as wild dogs, noxious weeds, and has 30 years experience in emergency and bushfire management including as an incident controller.

Vivien goes on to say, “I have represented farmers for over 20 years on boards such as Australian Women in Agriculture, and numerous disaster management organisations, including the National Foot & Mouth Disease national exercise. Our ability to prevent and respond to a serious biosecurity outbreak is our most critical function and one that needs much more work”.

Local Land Services in the past three years has faced enormous challenges and with good leadership from the farmer representatives at the Board level, they will develop an even stronger understanding of the requirements of the ratepayers.

Vivien is a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program, a Rural Women’s Award recipient as well as achieving the Australian Fire Service Medal for distinguish service.