A look into Boorowa’s history

This week’s History Snippet comes from the May 18, 1917, exactly 100 years on the day of publication for this edition. 

One of the most interesting parts of the edition was a notice from the Commonwealth Government, who were buying rabbit skins. 

The edition also featured a “Household Hints” column, suggesting housewifes should boil milk as soon it arrives unless they have a cool space to store it, and boiled bones are perfect for fireplaces as they burn for hours. 

There were also reports from the war, with a notice advising that Lieut. R. R. Morgan, third battalion, died of wounds on May 5, 1917. 

His father, Mr B. Morgan lived in Boorowa. 

It was reported that Private Roy Bassingthwaithe, whose parents were from Burrowa, had his arm amputated. 

There was also advertising for corsets from Izod’s Corsets and cars for sale from Burrowa Motor and Engineering Works.