A win to remember

What a game… What a bloody great game.

If you haven’t heard, the Boorowa Goldies beat Crookwell in Crookwell 44-42 points.

That is right. I was actually at the game, I actually saw the game and I am actually telling the truth.

The tone of the game was set pretty early on when our Kiwi winger/prop/half back made a monster tackle on the wing on the Crookwell fullback who was in full tilt.

Huge tackle from Adam Mochaccino.

To everyone’s surprise the fullback got up straight away and played on.

The Goldies scrum was simply outstanding.

They won several scrums against the head and the Crookwell boys simply couldn’t handle it, top marks to the pack who were relentless all day.

The Goldies opening the scoring early on with a 5cm sprint from Kiwi to cross the line. Great effort mate. Olympics 100m next stop for you mate.

Boorowa were leading 20-8 after twenty minutes thanks to tries from Kiwi, Justin Fleming and two from Brad Rose and looked to have a good handle on the game.

However, we all knew Crookwell wouldn’t lie down and they didn’t. They came out in the second half and scored four unanswered tries.

Everything seemed to be going Crookwells way in the second half including the refs decisions.

They looked like they were going to run away with the game. However, it wasn’t to be. The Goldies refused to go down without a fight and they launched their come back with 12 minutes to go.

Started off with a great intercept try from Brad Rose.

Then Mark Poplin, possibly the smallest bloke on the pitch carved up the centre of the pitch showing some great pace and step, to eventually cross the chalk which was closely followed by Patrick Bob Bryce Byrne’s waddling up the wing to score in the corner.

I have been guilty in the past of not giving Brad Rose the accolades he deserves each week and calling him a glory hunter.

Well I can’t bag him this week, three tries, two conversions and then with no time on the clock and the Goldies down by one point he steps up and nails a penalty to win the game. Great effort Brad.

Club president Justin Fleming was quoted after the game saying, “We are all bloody delighted to beat Crookwell, at Crookwell! It doesn’t happen that often, particularly like that so we are going to enjoy it,” as he took a sip of his beer.

This week’s notable mention goes to Duncan McGrath for his efforts off the pitch. Said efforts cannot be mentioned on a public forum like this but please be assured they were immense.

All in all, a great game of country footy with very high standard, great passion and dedication.

If only some of the Australian Super rugby teams and ARU were at the game to see how much desire and passion was shown by both teams they could have learnt a thing or two.

  • Three points went to Brad Rose
  • Two points went to Justin Fleming
  • One point went to Adam Mochaccino
  • Players player went Brad Rose

This week’s Chick Pick was closely contested by Dave Corcoran and George Merriman who came to blows on the sideline over it so we gave it to them both. Chick’s pick that is.