Brayden Hayes' runs from Hobart home in the bare minimum

National media is hailing him as ‘Tasmania’s Forest Gump’, but Tom Hanks’ character was always fully clothed during his run.

After an unlikely comeback of the Hobart Hurricanes against the Melbourne Renegades back in January, Brayden Hayes, originally from Burnie, was left with his pants down

He might have made a rash statement on social media, but Mr Hayes is a man of his word.

He will hit the road on March 22 in nothing but his undies for an 11-day run from Hobart to Burnie to raise money for charity.

Raising money for MND Tasmania and Diddy’s Day Out, a fundraiser for Cygnet girl Lydia Ebdon who suffers from Ewing’s sarcoma, Mr Hayes’ target is to raise $20,000.

So far the Run for a Cause Hobart to Burnie gofundme page has already raised $4,137 for the cause.

“If you say something you have to go through with it so I am stuck now,” Mr Hayes said the day after the pledge.

You can donate to Mr Hayes’ run here.