Robotic hand helps little girl conquer the world

Libby Evans, a happy little four-year-old girl, is determined to do everything her brother and sisters can.

Despite being born with no fingers on her left hand – she has only a nub of a thumb and a small palm – Libby can ride a bike, cut out shapes from a piece of paper and play golf with her granddad, thanks to the gift of technology.

The little adventurer has just been given her third “robo-hand”, which was made with a 3D printer by Costa Ligakis at Precision Signs in Wagga.

Two years ago, Libby’s mum Jacinta was desperate to help her daughter, but major prosthetic companies said “no”. Eventually, she found Mr Ligakis and he’s refined the design over the years. 

The vivacious two-year-old was born with no fingers but a nub for a thumb and a quarter of a palm on her left hand, from a condition known as Symbrachydactyly.

Detected at 20 weeks in utero, she is one in 30,000 whose finger bones haven't properly formed, leaving nubbins for fingers.

Libby is now determined to one day go water skiing just like her little brother.