Boorowa Placed on Level 1 Water Restrictions

After a recent hot and dry period, the community of Boorowa is being placed on water restrictions.

The restrictions come at a later time this summer than in previous years as a reflection of the wet year the region experienced in 2016.

With the weir level decreasing by approximately 50mm per week, Hilltops Council has enacted water restrictions in the Boorowa township with Level 1 restrictions now in place.

“It is unfortunate to see the weir level decreasing and reinforces the need for Council to work with the Government to implement a long term water security solution for the Boorowa community,” said Council’s General Manager, Anthony McMahon.

Hilltops Council is working towards providing a long term water security solution however with the current heatwave and no guarantee of rainfall amounts in the immediate future, residents are asked to remain diligent with water conservation.

Summary of restrictions:


  1. Odds and Evens Scheme relates to the house number being either an odd and even number, and taking turns on alternative days for the nominated water use. The cycle starts with even numbered house on the first day of water restrictions.
  2. Water restrictions relate only to water sourced from the town supply. Alternative water supplies (ie. rainwater, bore water, etc.) are not impacted.