Brayden Hayes will run from Hobart to Burnie in his undies

Hands on the ball: Brayden Hayes playing for Burnie in 2012.
Hands on the ball: Brayden Hayes playing for Burnie in 2012.

Ever seen a man running down the highway in nothing but his jocks?

We all make pledges we don’t expect to keep, but a thumb-happy post to Facebook before an unlikely win by the Hobart Hurricanes has footballer Brayden Hayes taking to the road in nothing but his underwear. 

The scantily-clad Hayes will run from Hobart to his hometown of Burnie after the Hobart Hurricanes’ unlikely victory over the Melbourne Renegades in the T20 Big Bash on Thursday night.

“If Renegades lose this I will run from Hobart to Burnie in my undies for charity,” he posted.

Hayes made the post just before the Renegades made 222, just after Callum Ferguson got out.

“Obviously I thought there would be no chance of them [Hobart] getting ahead,” he said.

When the Hurricanes took to the crease, Hayes said he was confident he wouldn’t be hitting the highway in his tighty-whities anytime soon.

“When they hit the first few sixes I was getting pretty nervous,” he said.

When George Bailey got out with seven balls to go, Hayes thought he was safe.

That was until English pace bowler Stuart Broad brought the unexpected.

The phone instantly started ringing and buzzing and Hayes knew he had no choice.

“I am a man of my word,” he said.

“If you say something you have to go through with it and I am stuck now.”

Hayes, who plays for the Cygnet Football Club, said he wil have to do some training before he sets out on his run.

“I think it will be seven or eight days at 40 kilometres a day,” he said.

With 325 kilometres between the towns, Hayes described it as a “little bit of running”.

In terms of attire he is unsure what he will run in, but thinks it may have to be a specially made pair in purple for the Hobart Hurricanes.

“I will have to get some decent ones made up so it is nicely tucked in,” he said. 

“I might need six or seven pairs to split it over the days.”

His promise has gained traction around the country with calls from the TAB via Triple M radio in Melbourne to offer sponsorship.

Unsure of when he will do the feat, Hayes said he thinks he will donate the money to support those suffering with motor neuron disease.

“The finish line will be Mount Street, maybe McDonald's so I can get myself a cheeseburger or I might try and make the Beach Hotel and grab a beer.”