Christmas time for the Siamangs at Dubbo zoo | photos

Christmas came early for the siamang family at Taronga Western Plains Zoo on Friday.

While Santa won’t be calling into Dubbo until Saturday night, the keepers prepared a few presents for the apes to open before the weekend.

The mother, father and five-year-old siamang were given two presents and a Christmas tree filled with banana and apples for them to discover.

Apple is a very special treat for the apes, given to them only on special occasions.

Keepers often provide enrichment to the animals at the zoo, such as hiding food, giving them toys or placing food inside objects like they did with the presents.

The enrichment challenges the animals and is designed to keep them active and healthy.

The Siamangs were shy at first to open their presents, but it didn’t take long before they figured out there were delicious treats waiting inside for them to eat.

The rest of the zoo animals will be given their Christmas presents by the keepers on Sunday.