Rain brings out the elephants’ fun side| photos, videos

RECENT rain was a chance for the Asian elephants at Taronga Western Plains Zoo to swim, wrestle and have fun.

Keeper Joel Kerr said Friday’s rain really bought out the playful side of the elephants, especially among the younger ones like seven-year-old Luk Chai and six-year-old Pathi Harn.

“Any young boy likes playing in the mud and they like to wrestle in the mud and play about, and same thing in the pool, they could spend half the day wrestling in the pool and playing about,” Mr Kerr said.

Elephant calf Sabai is still learning how to swim, so the pool in his enclosure is still shallow, Mr Kerr said. Thursday was the first time it was filled with water.

“Mud wallows are another great opportunity. Elephants naturally in the wild use mud as a sunscreen and insect repellent but it’s also just an opportunity for great fun,” the keeper said.

He said after having a swim or getting wet from the rain, the elephants will usually take a dust bath.