Asbestos awareness beneficial for Boorowa | Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

I attended the loose fill asbestos meeting recently and was concerned by the lack of attendance give that there are a few houses in Boorowa that fit the criteria to be FREE tested.

Perhaps it was lack of awareness that the meeting was on, however this will be remedied in the near future when Fair Trading NSW issue a letter drop to all residence in the former Boorowa Council area, I encourage all residence to read this information and act on it.

Many houses in the region have loose fill insulation in there ceilings, do you know whether it is asbestos or not?

The free test offered under the program which is currently only available until August 1, 2016, will enable you to make informed decisions about your residence.

Anyone who returns a positive test will be given options (explained in the literature) but only if registered before August 1.

Given there will be financial implications in the future regarding possible sale and rental of effected premises the do nothing approach is not really an option.

Be informed and make informed decisions, if you are internet savvy, or wait for the mail out.

Darrell Armour