Word in the Streets | June 1

I see that Scott Collins from Harden made comment regarding amalgamation as mentioned in the column of May 19.

The column did say Harden should accept the decision and move on, but they were not my words, I was acknowledging the words of Stuart Maxwell when talking to Neil Langford on 2LF the week of the announcement.

I was alarmed with Scott's somewhat disparaging innuendo regarding Wendy Tuckerman's appointment as administrator.

I have supreme confidence in Wendy's appointment and she will see this transition through with an open and fair mind, not in the manner of an autocratic queen as Scott seems to imply.

I' have always been concerned about amalgamation of rural councils, but realistically knew amalgamation was inevitable and Boorowa, Harden and Young merging as Hilltops was our best option.

I can appreciate Scott Collins' concerns, but give the process a chance, because, I think Hilltops will work and Wendy Tuckerman is in the position to make it so.

Then again, only time will tell..


Sensational singer Dami Im represented Australia and herself brilliantly in the recent Eurovision Song Contest finishing second.

Following compilation of the multi national Jury voting Dami was a more than clear leader, but when the public vote was added she fell at the last hurdle to run second to the entry from Ukraine.

There was quite a hue and cry regarding the winning song '1944' breaching Eurovision protocols and the song should have been excluded.

On interview on the Today Show May 26 the point about the Ukraine song being ineligible was brought up and Dami was asked her thoughts.

Her reply was so gracious and really shows her in a light you can only be proud to acknowledge.

She said, "I'm not a sporty person so Eurovision is my Olympics and Olympians must display great sportsmanship."

Dami Im is a super musical talent and demonstrates wonderful traits as a person.

It's a shame two Australian tennis brats, namely Tomic and Kyrgios, couldn't present themselves on the world stage with similar grace, charm and dignity.


Things are happening in the streets.

The new doctor is up and running, a new clothing shop, The Closet, has opened, Garry Apps opens this week the new office in Marsden Street from which he will operate his Ray White franchise and go and have a look at what they've done to Earl Sams shop and fuel depot in Brial Street - don't look too hard, it 'aint no more, or in the words of 'Fatty' Vautin - it's gorn.



What more can you say about the trivia night last Saturday night.

Thirty five tables saw about 270 people loosen their purse strings enabling the Preschool and Long Day Care Centre to benefit by almost $14000.

This money will be used to assist with providing resources for the new facility.

Taryn and Chloe Riles did a fabulous job organising this wonderful night, a task that has seen them achieve fantastic results for Boorowa charities in what has now almost become an annual fundraising event.

I must say, the Preschool committee worked tirelessly in support of Taryn and Chloe.

In her welcome, Taryn mentioned how Boorowa was such a wonderful town where people hop right in to support each other.

Saturday night is a great example of this spirit, but couldn't be achieved without the likes of Taryn, Chloe and their family.

Well done all.

Let us finish with Taryn's words:

"Which charity will benefit next year?"