Experienced leadership needed | Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I write in response to Scott Collins letter Boorowa News 26/5/16.

Firstly, you have really endeared yourself to the ongoing process of formulating an effective local government body with your sarcastic remarks regarding Queen Wendy.

The interim Hilltop Council needs experienced leadership who have worked hard toward the process of amalgamation, I believe that is what we have and despite your sarcasm will serve hilltops with impartiality and fairness, the individual regional support committees will ensure that, so if you have issues speak to your local representatives.

Secondly, I understand that democracy is the right for all people to have their say/vote/point of view regardless of race/gender/or situation.

Democracy doesn't mean that everyone gets their own way.

Thirdly, perhaps instead of spruiking the numbers Mr Collins and others should spend their time finding candidates for the next council election that will represent the whole Hilltops region regardless of their place of residence.

Not sure where the bigotry toward Young stems from but maybe now is the time to move toward creating ties not dissention, the rest of your life is a long time to live with resentment.

Darrell Armour